A Renters Insurance policy, for a house or an apartment, is essential for someone who is renting a property.
  Many think that, since the house "is not theirs", then they don’t need to insure it.   Actually, it’s not insuring another person’s property, but rather making sure that, in case of causing damage to a property being   rented, the tenant covers his/her  responsibility to the owner or to others.
  A good example would be if a person residing in the property leaves a pot or pan on the stove and it caught fire. This could cause major losses ($$$)! Although the owner’s insurance company could repair such damages, they would require the tenant to pay back the money spent for said repairs, due to the renter’s responsibility.
  Don’t be left exposed!  A good rental insurance is relatively inexpensive.  Please call our Insurance Agent, Pablo Guzman, at 301-929-8700 for a free phone consultation. You can also visit our office located between Rockville and Wheaton Maryland.

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