A good home insurance policy or property insurance, is essential for any owner who has invested in the purchase of his/her home. Imagine if a fire occurs, or a strong wind causes damages to your home! The financial loss could be immense and many could not withstand such expenses without losing their homes. That is why a good property insurance policy is needed.
   Note that the key word here in "good".  The truth is that many people only think about the "how much".  This is a shame because they often choose to buy "cheap" insurance, when, in reality, it is very likely that these cheap insurance policies DO NOT have the necessary coverage to properly protect the investment in the property.  The worst time to discover that you are not covered is when you have a claim.
 Some points to consider when applying for home insurance:
1- Does insurance cover the cost of re-building my house in case of a total loss?
2- Does the Insurance cover the value of my contents (furniture, appliances, computers, TV's, clothing, etc.?) that I have in the house?
3- Will the Insurance Company replace my contents at today’s prices or at a depreciated cost?
4- If I, or someone in my house, cause harm to others, will my policy cover us and, if so, for how much?
5- Will the company I choose give me beneficial auto insurance discounts when buying home insurance with them?
6- What risks are not covered?
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