Car insurance, automobile insurance or vehicle insurance, they are all the same thing.  What is not the same is the care you receive at the agency representing the insurance company you choose to buy.   It’s important to choose a responsible Insurance Agent / Insurance agency when choosing to buy a car policy.

At Guzman Insurance Services we have over 25 years of experience serving the community. We are located between Rockville and Silver Spring, Maryland.  We began by representing Allstate Insurance Company back in 1989 and while we no longer represent Allstate, we do represent excellent insurance companies such as the Travelers Insurance Company, The Hartford, Progressive Insurance and many other fine companies.

Our purpose is to provide the best customer service possible including:

– Explain your coverages
– Ensure you have great access to your insurance agent
– Provide you with alternatives when making insurance coverage decisions
– Assist you when you have a claim
– Help you by explaining your policy related insurance documents


One of the factors that customers seek are low cost policies or affordable insurance. There are several ways to get it.  The best prices on car insurance are given to people with the following characteristics:

1- Don’t have “tickets” (Moving violations) in the 3 years before buying insurance
2- Not having car accidents in the five years before buying insurance
3- Insure both their cars and home with the same company
4- Have three (3) or more years with a valid driver’s license in this country
5- Having 5 years or more of prior insurance without ‘lapses’ (have been uninsured) before applying for a new policy
6- Having previous policy limits of insurance higher than the basic limits of your State. (In Maryland, the lowest level of insurance, or basic coverage limits, are $ 30,000 per person, $ 60,000 per accident (“Liability” Coverage) and $ 15,000 in damage to the property of others)*
     * Subject to change, please refer to your Insurance company for their coverage specs.

Some factors influencing the price of insurance are (In general):

A- Customers who are homeowners get better deals than those who rent.
B- The area where you live will impact the price you pay for your policy
C- “Sport” cars are more expensive to insure than economy / family models
D- Cars with the best performance in test accidents are cheaper to insure
E- The age and driving experience of the person will be taken into account

We are here to serve and help you in the process.  You don’t need “prior insurance” to open a policy with us. So come by or Call our Senior Agent, Pablo Guzman, for a free insurance quote at Tel. 301-929-8700 or just click below:

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